Zero Sum Love Ain’t Gonna Cut It

I think it’s time 
for us to stop 
Thinking of love 
in terms we’re taught: 
Like some commodity 
we’ve bought, 
it’s all just loss and gain. 

As if it were 
some way, 
Some kind of cosmic 
Zero sum game. 

And if love and life 
were found to be 
Some way,  
Separate things, 
Then you could take a knife 
(And I’m sure you see, 
Completely metaphorically) 
And cut off your own wings 

But the truth is love 
Is the only thing 
That truly Makes us alive. 
Without it we might 
Still exist, but 
There’s no way We can thrive 

So let’s pack our sorrows 
Like no tomorrows 
And put ‘em in 
That old kit bag, 
Let’s fly the coop 
And go cruise the Loop 
And find someone to drag. 

Cos’ today’s  tomorrow 
And we needn’t borrow 
Any more of our old pain. 
To the future look 
Let’s throw out that book 
And Carpe that old Diem 

Cos’ we’re here and now 
And I don’t know how 
We can turn this hurt around;
But we need to learn, 
and learn it fast, 
Cos’ I know that now 
will never last 
if we’re stuck and haunted 
ever daunted 
In and by the past 

If we live in fear 
We won’t see or hear 
The wonders 
Future casts; 
So let’s try to play, 
Right here, today, 
And slowly make some haste 

Right here, right now, 
This second, today 
We need to learn 
Some way 
To love again 
And laugh, and win 
There’s no more time To waste


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