Love Note From a Redheaded Ghost

So a little background: I HATE waste, and I’m a bit of a packrat. I also repurpose stuff ALL the time. Peg knew all these things about me, very well.

A little more background: our two dogs, Bennie and Jerry (don’t EVEN start with me, I had nothing to do with naming them), at 13 years old started failing almost simultaneously – they lost the use of their back legs, and were in obvious pain. The decision was made to have them euthanized, which was done in September, 2014. I then had them cremated.

Fast-forward six months, and Charlie, our Tuxedo Kitty who pretty much raised the boys and considered them HIS pets, lost interest in living and died quietly. We buried him in a common grave with the boys’ cremains.

So around October 2014, after the boys were gone, their dog cookie jar, which had been a fixture on the kitchen counter for forever, was put in a lower cupboard and pretty much forgotten.

And, ICYMI, my Peggy Lou died 11 January 2016, literally two weeks after being diagnosed with lung cancer on 28 December 2015.

Fast-forward to now, November 2020. I have started baking cookies again, and needed to find a cookie jar – and I pulled out the dog cookie jar, planning to wash it out and repurpose it for my cookies.

And when I opened it up, to go wash it, I found this:

What can I say?

Feeling loved from six years ago is a powerful thing.

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