Peggy Lou

I wrote this six months to the day after Peg died. Admittedly, I was at least two-and-a-half sheets to the wind. But I meant every word of it – and still do, today. Peggy Lou I remember your sighs And chirps of delightWhile exploring the joysThat came in the nightOr morning, or noon,Or evening that … More Peggy Lou

A Change Is Gonna Come – oh, wait – It’s Already Here

When he isn’t flinging feces on Twitter, Trump can often be found gallivanting around the country having “Look at me, I’m so special” pep/campaign rallies, pandering to the sadly large minority of Pink people (white? seriously? do you even have a mirror?) who are terrified of change. There is a lot of talk, and hand-wringing, … More A Change Is Gonna Come – oh, wait – It’s Already Here


There is in this country (and probably elsewhere, but VERY predominant in the US), a certain arrogance that we shall call “I earned it.” One of the most common phrases you will hear, particularly from working and middle-class people, regardless of ethnicity (but ESPECIALLY white folks), is “everything of value that I have, I earned.” … More Grace


All it takes is an image All it takes is a thought All it takes is a sound And I see all that was wrought My ego said to flaunt it My soul said “stay reserved” You were all I ever wanted And more than I deserved I wore my heart out on my sleeve … More Unfinished

Digital Memories

  From June 13, 2016 “Faded photographs, covered now with lines and creases Tickets torn in half, memories in bits and pieces” If only. See now, that’s the problem. Digital photographs don’t fade. They sit there in your computer, or on a flash drive, or whateverthefuck, and are just as bright and shiny and new … More Digital Memories